Jason Hubbell


Jason Hubbell

Director Hubbell Ventures

Jason Hubbell is a director and shareholder of Oriole Capital Inc. Jason represents Hubbell Ventures Limited (Jersey Channel Islands) interests in Canada. Jason will be bringing both his experience in pension management and pension sales to the business and his parallel career in sport to help direct the business in its health investments.

Jason, John Hubbell and Michael Levine have formed Oriole Capital in 2018 to parallel Trustco Capital Limited in the UK which is a business that specializes in raising capital for small to mid-size businesses. A key driver of the business is to link deals and investors from Canada, Jersey-Channel Islands and the UK. Oriole Capital is in the process of achieving its licencing to become full securities company licenced by the Ontario Securities Commission. John Hubbell and Michael Levine are long term business partners and met in 1984 on Oriole Road, Toronto, where they owned properties as neighbours. Together they owned several companies: a securities company, a corporate consulting company and a real estate development and management company; respectively they were Upper Canada Equity Management Inc. Trusco Capital Inc. and Core Realty Management Limited. Together they did over £1B in debt financing and £100m in equity financing. Both John and Mike retired from the business and have come back together to set up Oriole Capital Inc. Oriole Capital Inc will be bringing the Envestry Investment Platform from the UK to Canada.

Jason presently works as an investment consultant with Manulife in Waterloo, Ontario. This is a perfect position for Jason to develop his skills in the investment area, because not only is Manulife a preeminent company to be associated with it offers Jason excellent training and networking opportunities.

Jason in this role has the accreditation to work in the investment field and his experience in pensions will be an asset in overseeing the implementation of the Wellbridge business plan in Canada.

Jason’s goal is to provide his clients with the knowledge and assistance they need to make the right financial decisions in order to save for their future.

Hubbell Ventures Canada has been formed to link with Hubbell Ventures in the UK. Jason will take on a director’s role and oversee the joint venture operations established between Hubbell Ventures in the UK and Canadian partners.

Education & Training

  • Wilfrid Laurier University

Areas of Expertise

  • Long term investment strategist


June 2016 – Present - Group Plan Investment Consultant - Manulife


March 2014 – 2016 - Senior Plan Design Specialist - Group Pensions - Manulife


June 2011 – February 2014 - Customer and Advisor Service Representative - Manulife
As a member of the enforce policy service team, I work hand in hand with our National Accounts, MGA's and Elite advisors to provide expert product knowledge and support for changes and additions to enforce life insurance policies.

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