John Hubbell


John Hubbell

Director Hubbell Ventures

John is focused on establishing growth through investments and supporting family enterprises.


John’s main interest is developing Environs Innovate Limited and Phundex Limited’s (Jersey Channel Islands) international funding network. Environs is an end to end funding platform that is structured specifically to provide regulated funding to organisations that support the development of innovation, Phundex supplies to Environs an exciting new technology platform that coordinates across fund administration, investees, investors, administrators, and managers, providing tracking and reporting across the financial eco-system in both junior and senior capital markets.


Environs' target market are those organisations that foster innovation, entrepreneurship, through investment hubs in academia, government and industry, investment houses such as venture capital and innovation fund managers, organisations such angel groups, investment clubs, family offices, and high net worth private investors.


Environs have partnered with Phundex to digitalise its complete administrative structure and extend its future commercial offering. In the future, Phundex will build in efficiencies to Environs and future AI introductions that will develop in phases and Environs will become a fund manager supplying a clearinghouse and exchange for innovative investments. All this will be coordinated on the Phundex platform.


John’s area of expertise is funding early-stage businesses based on a 40 year plus career in this area. Today John specializes in health-related business dealing with wellness, sport, fitness and education, more specifically in businesses that can reduce illness and those that can reduce the inefficiencies of health services. He is also interested in businesses that can improve the lives children, special educational needs and advance learning and development programs.

The basis for this direction is his five-year academic study into the economics of biological ageing, and then the understanding of the need for western societies to deal with the staggering costs related to lifestyle-related illness and disease.


In Canada John was very involved in real estate funding and development and is bringing this expertise back to co-develop real estate projects that support and house their tenant’s business operations


John has put together a group of experts and investors as aligned associates who are looking for investments and non-executive directorship roles in companies that are innovative and have an impact and social solution.

John is presently a director or board member of:
Hubbell Ventures Limited (Jersey)
Hubbell Ventures UK Ltd
Dimond Bikes UK Limited
Wellbridge Financial Limited and Wellbridge Centres Limited
Trustco Capital Limited
Environs Innovate Limited (Jersey)
Nvirons Invest Inc (Canada)
HealthEdge Innovation Inc (Canada)


Appointments Memberships

  • Member of the Institute of Directors (Jersey)
  • Member of Godalming Chamber of Commerce (retired)
  • Board Member of Active Surrey March (retired)
  • Wellness In The Workplace - Surrey Chamber of Commerce (retired)
  • Activity in Aging
  • Board Member of The Sunshine Trust (retired)
  • Council Member Surrey Chamber of Commerce (retired)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility



Director's Business Interests

  • Hubbell Ventures Limited Jersey
  • Hubbell Ventures UK Ltd
  • Dimond Bikes UK Limited
  • Wellbridge Financial Limited
  • Trustco Capital Limited
  • Agealete
  • Environs Innovate Limited
  • Nvirons Invest Inc
  • Xpozzy
  • Heath Assess UK Ltd
  • Precision Rewards Ltd
  • HealthEdge Innovation Inc


John Hubbell has had two overlapping careers for most of his working life: one of sport, fitness and education and the other, corporate life. John has participated in fitness and competitive sport for the past 60 years. As an amateur, his efforts culminated as an Olympic competitor. John is a student of wellness and fitness and is still an active age group competitor in ice hockey, playing in five world recreational hockey championships, and he is now preparing for his 6th in 2021. His business career started in 1972 co-owning a manufacturing concern and over the years his business interests developed into a venture capital firm of which he sold and retired in 1998 and moved to England in support of his wife’s career.


1972 – 1998 (26 years) John’s sport and corporate business both started in 1973. On retiring from competitive sport, his sports business was in coaching and teaching and this business continued in various forms till 2014. John’s corporate business was started in owning 50% of a small manufacturing business until 1982. From the manufacturing business, he took what he learned from being a small businessman and developed this knowledge into Trusco Capital Inc. Trusco Capital became a holding company for various ventures that John and Heather-Anne were involved within Canada. Under the Trusco Capital umbrella were: Venture Trusco Inc. a limited market dealer company(securities), which brokered funding and invested in and managed small business. The Core Group Limited, (50% ownership) was involved in real estate development, mortgage brokerage and banking, construction, and real estate brokerage. This company became the main asset of Trusco Capital and was sold in 1998.


In the UK from 1998, to 2013: John worked on his bucket list, taught young offenders and social-emotional behavioural special needs students (2000 to 2010), coached ice hockey as both an amateur and professional (1998 to 2013). During his time, he earned a Master’s Degree and is now working on a part-time PhD, on the economics of biological ageing (2010 to Present). Also from 1998, John has given back-office support to his wife’s business and later from 2012 to his daughter’s business (to present).


From 2013 to Present John returned his corporate interests by returning to his Canadian business roots. This new chapter in his career has been accomplished by combining his interest in business and sport and fitness but inspired because of his ageing. The result of this is the Environs investment concept.


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